Best of 2012 #3 – Lucero – Women and Work

Best of 2012 – #3

Lucero – Women and Work (ATO Records)


This isn’t Tennessee. Lucero’s Women and Work is the third piece to the trifecta that began with 2006’sRebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers (addition of keys via Rick Steff) and 2009’s 1372 Overton Park (addition of horns). 2012 brought us Lucero’s fully realized vision of what a modern rock band sounds like filtered through the sound of their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Many long-time fans bemoaned the addition of the horns over the last two albums. Strip them away and the classic Lucero heartbreak is still there. One live show will show you how powerful an addition the horns can be to their back catalog (ex: “All Sewn Up” from their 2001 self-titled release).

Lucero’s Women and Work is simply the best album to drink to/with released this year.

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