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Review: Teen Getaway – Hits & Missives

In an alternate universe where the offspring of a Jello Biafra/Chrissy Hynde/Kim Gordon threesome formed a garage band, three chords of fuzz and melodic dissonance would dominate the space-time continuum. Lucky for us, such genetics were not required to deliver the medium that is Birmingham, Alabama’s Teen Getaway. Mixing surf rock and cow punk with ethereal samples … Continue reading

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Download: Barry Brusseau – Love and Adoration

To celebrate the release of his sophomore album, The Royal Violent Birds, Barry Brusseau has released a video for “Till the Wind Blows Everything.” Having spent the majority of his musical career as a member of the Jimmies, the Portland-based psych-folk artist and roster of guest musicians who include his brother,  Tim Ward, Sally Ford and the Sound Outside’s … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Download: The Blind Owl Band – Rabble Rousing

A band for less than two years with one independently-released album already bearing their name, The Blind Owl Band have recorded the follow up to their 2012 debut, Rabble Rousing. Hailing from Saranac Lake in New York State’s Adirondack region, The Blind Owl Band have created their own blend of mountain music, music that is … Continue reading

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Review: Cosmonaut on Vacation – Let the Moment Land

Bedroom musicians aren’t known for creating grandiose soundscapes (See: Capstan Shafts, Jandek). Yet in today’s technological age, someone was bound to emerge, casting aside such a notion. Let me introduce you to Cosmonaut on Vacation. The sprawling, spaced-out vibe on Let the Moment Land, the debut album from Birmingham, Alabama’s Greg Slamen and Zach Evans, … Continue reading