Backtracks: Quiet Hollers – I Am the Morning

Backtracks: Quiet Hollers – I Am the Morning

Looking forward to 2015, let’s revisit I Am the Morning, the unheralded gem from Louisville, Kentucky’s Quiet Hollers. Released in 2013, the band reportedly will begin issuing singles from their forthcoming album in January 2015. Quiet Hollers celebrate sad bastard songs like the pleading “Road Song” and crushed dreams of “Some Day Darlin’”. Populating I … Continue reading

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Backtracks: Ali Holder & The Broken Hearted – Transgressions EP

An amalgam of blues, soul, country and folk, Austin-based musician Ali Holder has a voice suited to any of these broad categories. On the six acoustic songs that comprise Transgressions, her 2011 debut EP with The Broken Hearted, Ali travels through these genres, singing with the same level of enthusiasm without regard to the subject … Continue reading

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Backtracks: Union Tree Review – Death and Other Forms of Relaxation

Earlier this week St. Louis-based Union Tree Review noted they wrapped the final day of recording on their new EP, Enjoy the Weather. To celebrate, we are revisiting their 2011 release, Death & Other Forms of Relaxation. We hope to have a preview from their forthcoming EP before its release. Watch the one-take video for “44” … Continue reading