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8 Questions: Eastern Anchors

artworks-000071491433-b5on90-t500x500Looking to wrap up their latest album, Dragging Your Axe Behind You, New Jersey’s Eastern Anchors have released a video for the first “econo” single, “Under the Influence of fIREHOSE.”

I chatted via e-mail with David Urbano (bass/vocals) who passed along our 8 Questions to fellow band members Walter Verde (vocals/guitars) and Ken Forbes (drums). The following is what they came back with for us.

BFoN: Favorite instrument

WG: The guitar. I love guitars. If I had the money to spare I would be an obsessive collector, but as it is I am constantly keeping an eye open for something special. Which means my wife gets dragged to guitar shops as side-trips during vacations.

DU: I’ve had the same ’68 Fender Precision bass since I’ve been playing original music and have only made one electronic update. The pick-ups are the original ones. There have been other basses but I’ve sold them all. I have a bunch of electric and acoustic guitars that I forget I have and I also have a Wurlitzer in the basement. That is fun to bang on every once in awhile.

BFoN: Favorite book

KF: Anything by Douglas Adams

WG: Don’t know, that will always change, I guess. I just finished Cormac McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy and now want to re-read Blood Meridian, so maybe that’s it right now.

DU: I really enjoyed reading Life by Keith Richards recently. Reminded why I play music still and it’s ok to be a musician even though the odds are terrible of getting anybody to listen to your music. His written voice is believable and seems like a regular dude.

BFoN: Musical influences

WG: I started out with my mom’s collection of 45s, and I really dug into the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel. Then in high school, someone lent me You’re Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr and I can say that album changed my life. From there, I started getting into all of the SST stuff and Dischord and on and on. Also, seeing these bands like Dino Jr and fIREHOSE in small clubs starting in 90-91 made a huge impression on me.

DU: Walter, Ken and I enjoy the same types of bands which is why we have a compatible musical vocabulary when we’re writing songs together but early on my dad gave me a metal hi-bias cassette with WAR on one side and Led Zeppelin II on the other. I also have a very distinct memory of a skater friend giving me Murmer by REM in 8th grade because he didn’t like it but thought I would. In high school we were lucky to have New York and City Gardens so close to us but from a bass player perspective, Mike Mills, Andrew Weiss, Flea and Mike Watt played their instruments like they meant it always and that attitude always stuck with me. Also seeing Sonic Youth at CBGB’s play Daydream Nation front to back and the last Replacement show with Bob Stinson at the Ritz were life changing musically.

BFoN: Favorite album of 2013

KF: I would have to say my favorite album of 2013 is Whales and Leeches by Red Fang.

WG: Internal Sounds by the Sadies. Close second is Allez Allez by the Night Marchers

DU: I get a lot of records from doing my own music blog ReviewStalker.com and definite ditto on the recent Sadies, Red Fang and Night Marchers. I really like this album by this band called Criminal Hygiene because it has a lot of elements I love about bands like The Replacements and which judging from my last.fm tally I listen to a lot but it’s mostly live bootlegs. Same with GBV and The Rolling Stones.

BFoN: Star Wars or Star Trek

Eastern Anchors: We have been waiting years for somebody to ask us this question.

KF: Star Wars

WG: Star Wars

DU: Star Wars! Our old band Aviso’Hara’s live closer was always a song called “Red 5 (Standing By)” which we tracked at least three times. Here’s the original version  from our 1st 7″ EP called Mature and Unsatisfied that we recorded at Claude Coleman’s (Ween) studio, Stony Brook, with our friend, Brian Sugent, who is now playing guitar in TV Tramps with Claude on bass.

Also here’s the goodnight sweetheart CD version we recorded at technical ecstasy with Chris Pierce from Doc Hopper called “Standing By” and the Hit Factory version which we recorded with our friend Tony Black who literally has a couple GRAMMYs.

BFoN: Which member of the band is most like a Spinal Tap character

DU: I am totally Derek Smalls except without the rowdy mustache or ass chaps.

WG: Dave

BFoN: First album you purchased

KF: Kiss Alive II on vinyl

WG: Billy Joel’s Glass Houses on 8 Track, though my mom would have bought it for me.

DU: Van Halen II on cassette in Miami, Florida. I borrowed Glass Houses from Walt’s mom.

BFoN: Origin of your band’s name

KF: I actually came up with the name as a tongue and cheek comment on half the members of Walt’s and my old band, Clydesdale, suddenly taking off to live in Portland. Like we were the ones who stayed put, like “Eastern Anchors” and we just stuck with it cause it sounded pretty cool.

# # #

Thanks to Dave, Walt and Ken for playing along. Watch the video for “Under the Influence of fIREHOSE” and stream/download the single below.

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